Trees Pollarded – Student Property in Broomhall

Pollarding Lime Trees in Sheffield

Hands on Tree Care were called out to look at some trees that needed pollarding at Sheffield student properties Broomhall Area S10.  This was a large job requiring an application to prune trees in the conservation area. We had to liaise with Sheffield City Council, as the process of application and permission usually takes 6 weeks. Hands on Tree Care held a site meeting held with council’s tree officer to address concerns of the local residents’ committee. Permission to Get Trees Pollarded Permission was granted to get the trees pollarded as well as cutting a Sycamore which bordered the complex of student accommodation. Pollarding the trees to previous growth points resulted in Lime Trees being reduced in height from approximately 70ft to 10ft. This had a dramatic effect in increasing the amount of light reaching the grounds and windows of the residents. A large Chestnut Tree also had to be removed on site, as […]


Horse Chestnut Felled in Sheffield

cutting down a horse chestnut tree

Horse Chestnut Felled in Sheffield: Hands on Tree Care. The Horse Chestnut tree that we felled in Sheffield at the end of the summer was amongst one of the more enjoyable jobs of August 2017. The Horse Chestnut tree was showing signs of disease, and in the last year, had begun to drop sizeable limbs. Luckily these had fallen into the field and not onto the adjacent road. The landowner began their search for a reputable tree surgeon in Sheffield and gave Hands on Tree care a call. They had decided to have the old conker tree felled completely for safety reasons. Sadly it had given its last conkers to the local kids and now it was time to make it safe. The Conker tree was overhanging onto the public highway and footpath. Had a branch fallen from the tree onto a pedestrian or a passing car, someone might have […]


Ash Trees Felled For Improved Drainage

hands on tree care- trees felled in Sheffield

In early December of 2017, Hands on Tree Care were called to help a local farmer cut down Ash trees from an irrigation ditch at Barlow, Nr Dronfield, Derbyshire. Trees Felled Around Drainage Ditch His field was becoming waterlogged. The farmer needed to gain access to an overgrown and neglected drainage ditch. The access to the ditch had become choked up with small Ash trees. These trees had grown up in the years of neglect. Young Ash Trees felled to clear the drainage ditch We brought in the chainsaws and loppers and set to work removing the trees from around the ditch. This allowed sufficient access for the mini digger. The farmer then started clearing out the ditch.  This allows water to drain out of the fields into the ditch. This sort of tree felling is actually good for the environment. It’s part of an age-old pattern of sustainable land management, […]


Dangerous Sweet Chestnut Tree Dismantled

Sweet Chestnut Tree dismantled

Dangerous Sweet Chestnut Tree Dismantled: Hands on Tree Care. We were called to perform a standard tree felling. We found a large Sweet Chestnut tree in the rear garden of the residential property in Sheffield Dangerous Trees Removed The tree had grown so large that it had become dangerous due to large amounts of dead wood in the tree. There was a children’s play area underneath the tree, and the owners wanted to remove the risk. Before the tree could be felled, we had to put in an application to the local Council who agreed to fell due to the tree being a safety risk. Sectional Tree Felling We dismantled the Chestnut tree in sections. We lowered the logs down via ropes to prevent any damage to paved patio area. The method of tree felling used is sectional dismantling. The tree was approximately 90 feet tall.  Sectional dismantling was the safest way […]


Weeping Willow Pollarded – Sheffield

Large Weeping Willow Sheffield

Our customer had a large Weeping Willow that was situated close to the Riverbank. They called us in to reduce the size of the Willow tree.  They wanted to improve the view in their garden and open up a view of the river. The Weeping Willow was around 80 years old and around 65ft tall.  We decided the best method of pruning for this tree would be pollarding. Pollarding is reducing the length of branches to major trunks.  This encourages younger growth. Willow Tree Pruned We recommend that a tree of this size should get pollarding maintenance every 5-6 years. Weeping Wilow trees are fast growing and will re-sprout after hard pruning in the spring.  These trees have an affinity to water so caution should be used if planting in proximity to domestic water pipes or house foundations as can cause subsidence. Weeping Willow Tip Weeping Willow trees have an affinity for water, […]


Sycamore Tree Removed

Sycamore Tree Cut down

Sycamore Tree Removed We were called out to a job in Sheffield recently. A sycamore tree had been left to grow, where the seed had fallen. Over time the Sycamore tree had grown large and was beginning to push up the concrete flags in the garden and push against the boundary wall of the garden.  This could lead to the wall becoming unsafe, and the tree roots getting underneath the buildings. Dismantled Sycamore Tree We dismantled the  Sycamore using sectional dismantling. There was no way to fell the tree in a traditional manner.  The job had rather difficult access as you can see. The Tree we removed had an approximate height of about 15 meters.  Hands on Tree Care used a safe and controlled lowering of the timber in sections, to prevent damage to any structures. Need a Sycamore Tree Removed? Do you have a tree that has grown too […]


Garden Clearance in Sheffield

During the Garden Clearance

We were called out to an overgrown garden in Sheffield, S11 Area. The garden had mixed hedges of Privet and Beech which were becoming too large and dangerous for the resident to cut from ladders, herself. The Hedge height was between 6-10ft tall and 2ft wide, bordering 3 sides of the rear garden. We cut the hedge to a manageable height and width. There was also a cherry Tree which had become overgrown. Garden Clearance We set to work on the garden clearance, first, pruning the hedges.  The Cherry Tree was also pruned to shape and borders weeded. It was quite a tricky job as there was limited access down the side of the garden so we had to park our chipper on the front drive and all cuttings were carried around the side of the house. Once we had finished, the driveway was swept and made tidy on completion of the Job. Need […]