Horse Chestnut Felled in Sheffield

Horse Chestnut Felled in Sheffield: Hands on Tree Care.

The Horse Chestnut tree that we felled in Sheffield at the end of the summer was amongst one of the more enjoyable jobs of August 2017.

The Horse Chestnut tree was showing signs of disease, and in the last year, had begun to drop sizeable limbs. Luckily these had fallen into the field and not onto the adjacent road.

cutting down a horse chestnut tree
Horse Chestnut Felled in Sheffield

The landowner began their search for a reputable tree surgeon in Sheffield and gave Hands on Tree care a call. They had decided to have the old conker tree felled completely for safety reasons. Sadly it had given its last conkers to the local kids and now it was time to make it safe.

The Conker tree was overhanging onto the public highway and footpath. Had a branch fallen from the tree onto a pedestrian or a passing car, someone might have been injured or worse still,
horse chestnut tree cut down

Horse Chestnut Felled in Sheffield

Hands on Tree care always put safety at the heart of any job that we work on. We believe that it’s absolutely vital to any tree surgery job that the members of the public and our team are not put at risk by external factors, such as pedestrians walking under the felling area, impatient drivers ignoring the traffic safety precautions.

When we arrived to cut the tree we put in place a system of traffic management to enable safe removal without causing a hazard to pedestrians or traffic. Next, we began to cut the tree down using Sectional Dismantling.

Consider hiring us, we are fully qualified and fully insured.


Horse Chestnut Felled in Sheffield
Finally, we do a full cleanup. Apart from a few small twigs and a bit of sawdust, you’d never even know we’d been there.

Are you a Farmer, Business owner or a private householder? Hands on Tree care are local, respected Tree Surgeons in the Sheffield area. Don’t delay, get those dangerous trees taken care of before they end up costing you a lot of money in compensation pay outs.