Garden Clearance

During the Garden ClearanceWe were called out to an overgrown garden in Sheffield, S11 Area. The garden had mixed hedges of Privet and Beech which were becoming too large and dangerous for the resident to cut from ladders, herself.

The Hedge height was between 6-10ft tall and 2ft wide, bordering 3 sides of the rear garden. We cut the hedge to a manageable height and width. There was also a cherry Tree which had become overgrown.

Garden Clearance

We set to work on the garden clearance, first, pruning the hedges.  The Cherry Tree was also pruned to shape and borders weeded. It was quite a tricky job as there was limited access down the side of the garden so we had to park our chipper on the front drive and all cuttings were carried around the side of the house. Once we had finished, the driveway was swept and made tidy on completion of the Job.

Need Help in the Garden

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