Conifer Hedge Trimming – Chesterfield

Conifer hedges can be thick and hard to tackle if you allow them to get out of control. Conifers can be trimmed most of the year but not during bird nesting season. Conifers are evergreens and should not be pruned back too hard because it as exposes brown inner part of the hedge. This not only makes the hedge look horrible but can also kill the tree by opening it up to pest ingress and fungal diseases. Conifers make ideal hedging plant as they are fast growing and produce a solid screen for garden privacy. It’s worthwhile considering planting with respect to neighbouring plants,  as conifer hedges create an acidic soil and can cause browning of turf.  We recommend yearly trimming of conifers due to fast-growing nature of species Hedge Reduction in the Chesterfield Area The Conifer Hedge in the above photo had become very overgrown. Growing between three gardens. The […]


Conifers Removed in Chesterfield

Conifer Trees Removed

Conifers Hedge Removed in Chesterfield: Tony Hands 2017 Conifers Removed in Chesterfield 6x large Conifers in a Chesterfield garden become overgrown.  The trees were approximately 20 years old.  They had grown to a height of 10m  with a  width 5m. The Conifer trees were beginning to dominate the space in the garden.  The customer requested the complete removal of the trees to achieve a lower maintenance garden and to create more natural light. Conifer hedges require annual light to moderate trimming in Spring to prevent hedges becoming out of hand.  Heavy pruning does not create a good aesthetic result as it exposes the inner leaves with are brown.   Unfortunately,  once become overgrown require removal Conifers also create acidic and dry soil, such soil makes it difficult to grow other plants in close proximity to the conifers.  This Acid soil also affects soil quality preventing healthy lawn growth. Hands-on Tree Care […]


Evergreen Trees Removed Safely

Evergreen Hedge Trimming

Hands on Tree Care  had a busy Autumn, we had to get the evergreen trees removed. Hands on Tree Care were called to Chesterfield to dismantle some Leylandii and Lawson’s Cypress trees. The trees were situated in the rear garden and needed to be removed to allow more light into the garden. After the trees were cut down, all the logs were stacked and cut to size for the customer to use on their wood burning stove. Typically logs would need 12-18 months seasoning so they have a proper chance to dry out. Ideal moisture content for hard or soft wood logs for stove burning is 20% or under. This ensures excessive tar does not form in chimneys and sufficient heat is produced from fire to warm rooms. Get Evergreen Trees Removed If you need assistance managing overgrown evergreen trees, get in touch with us today! Want to see more?


Overgrown Conifer Hedge – Pruned.

Overgrown Hedge needs trimming

We were called out to a house in Chesterfield to look at a very overgrown Conifer hedge. The Hedge had grown up to a height of approximately 12 meters in height and 75 meters long. The hedge was mature and would have taken around 15-20 years to reach this height. Annual pruning would have prevented this level of overgrowth. We were asked to reduce hedge as our customer’s neighbours had recently had solar panels fitted to their roof and were unable to get any benefit due to shade caused by an overgrown hedge. Hands on Tree Care use a sectional dismantling technique to reduce the height of the hedge. Once we had trimmed the hedge to the desired height, cut the trunks into logs and removed all the cut branches. Best time to Prune an Overgrown Conifer Hedge Conifers hedges should be cut Spring/Summer to prevent frost damage which can cause […]


Garden Clearance

During the Garden Clearance

We were called out to an overgrown garden in Sheffield, S11 Area. The garden had mixed hedges of Privet and Beech which were becoming too large and dangerous for the resident to cut from ladders, herself. The Hedge height was between 6-10ft tall and 2ft wide, bordering 3 sides of the rear garden. We cut the hedge to a manageable height and width. There was also a cherry Tree which had become overgrown. Garden Clearance We set to work on the garden clearance, first, pruning the hedges.  The Cherry Tree was also pruned to shape and borders weeded. It was quite a tricky job as there was limited access down the side of the garden so we had to park our chipper on the front drive and all cuttings were carried around the side of the house. Once we had finished, the driveway was swept and made tidy on completion of the Job. Need […]


Hedge Cutting

Conifer Hedges

Once the summer sun comes out, our tree care services are always in hot demand.  Because the trees and hedges seem to suddenly spring into life and only then do their owners start to notice that they need a little attention.  Luckily, Hands on Tree Care are always ready to spring into action to deliver whatever Tree Surgery is needed. Hedge Reduction in Sheffield On Tuesday,  15th June 2013  we were in Sheffield again.  There was a  20ft long Hawthorn and Ash tree hedge that needed some serious pruning. Cutting the Ash and Hawthorn Hedge We were informed that the hedge had become overgrown and wild. We had inspected the site a few days earlier, so we knew exactly what tree cutting equipment would be needed to clear the hedge. The hedge was overgrown needed to be reduced to allow more light along a length of a public footpath.  Before […]