Conifer Hedge Trimming – Chesterfield

Conifer hedges can be thick and hard to tackle if you allow them to get out of control. Conifers can be trimmed most of the year but not during bird nesting season.

Conifers are evergreens and should not be pruned back too hard because it as exposes brown inner part of the hedge. This not only makes the hedge look horrible but can also kill the tree by opening it up to pest ingress and fungal diseases.

Conifers make ideal hedging plant as they are fast growing and produce a solid screen for garden privacy.
It’s worthwhile considering planting with respect to neighbouring plants,  as conifer hedges create an acidic soil and can cause browning of turf.  We recommend yearly trimming of conifers due to fast-growing nature of species

Hedge Reduction in the Chesterfield Area

The Conifer Hedge in the above photo had become very overgrown. Growing between three gardens. The hedge was reducing light in neighbouring gardens and was in serious need of pruning.

Don’t take unnecessary risks!
The hedge was too big for the homeowner to tackle. This is something we see often. Sometimes homeowners risk life and limb, climbing up and balancing on ladders, with heavy corded hedge trimmers. This can be extremely dangerous, it only takes one slip or a wobbly ladder for disaster to strike.

If you feel the hedge is too big to tackle yourself, call in the experts. We can cut the hedge, mulch the branches and take away all the mess, saving you the backbreaking work, and a load of hassle.

Customer requested a reduction to sides and top. Some hedges need removing, we can handle that too.

Need Your Conifer Hedge Cutting?

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