Overgrown Conifer Hedge – Pruned.

We were called out to a house in Chesterfield to look at a very overgrown Conifer hedge. The Hedge had grown up to a height of approximately 12 meters in height and 75 meters long.Overgrown Hedge needs trimming

The hedge was mature and would have taken around 15-20 years to reach this height. Annual pruning would have prevented this level of overgrowth.

We were asked to reduce hedge as our customer’s neighbours had recently had solar panels fitted to their roof and were unable to get any benefit due to shade caused by an overgrown hedge.

Hands on Tree Care use a sectional dismantling technique to reduce the height of the hedge.

Cutting an Overgrown Hedge!

Once we had trimmed the hedge to the desired height, cut the trunks into logs and removed all the cut branches.

Best time to Prune an Overgrown Conifer Hedge

Conifers hedges should be cut Spring/Summer to prevent frost damage which can cause browning of the leaves thus making the trees more susceptible to pests and diseases. Consideration should always be taken for nesting birds and defer works where necessary.

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