Spruce Tree Cut Down in Worksop

Spruce Tree Cut Down

Spruce Tree cut down in Worksop: Hands on Tree Care Hands on Tree Care  We were called out to dismantle a large Spruce tree in Worksop, due to its roots lifting the tarmac on the driveway. The Spruce tree was approximately 70ft tall and around 50 yrs old. As usual, when cutting down trees in a residential area we use a sectional dismantling technique. Sectional dismantling is the method of cutting down a tree in carefully managed sections. We climb the tree using a rope and harness and then dismantled in sections. This Spruce Tree took around 4 hours to fully dismantle and tidy away. After the spruce tree was cut down to a safe and manageable level, we then cut the trunk into smaller sections. Logs For The Customer Often when we have a single tree to fell, the customer will request that we provide some of the logs for their […]


Leylandii Trees Cut Down

Leylandii Trees Pruned or removed

Leylandii Trees Removed – Chesterfield, domestic residence Managing Leylandii Trees Hands on Tree Care can manage Leylandii, easily. Earlier this month we were called out to a house in Chesterfield. They had large trees that were touching the house.  One problem with having such a large tree close to your house is that they can potentially cause damage to the foundations and roof tiles.  In addition, such large trees can block light from your garden as well as drain nutrients from the soil, and provide a home for garden pests, such as squirrels, mice, rats and pigeons. We can cut down or prune overgrown evergreen trees. Large Leylandii Trees Can Shade Neighbouring Gardens Hands on tree Care dismantled the trees to ground level. We climb the tree cutting off sections of the main trunk and large bows as we go.  The trees were approximately 30ft in height. We cut the […]


Conifers Removed in Chesterfield

Conifer Trees Removed

Conifers Hedge Removed in Chesterfield: Tony Hands 2017 Conifers Removed in Chesterfield 6x large Conifers in a Chesterfield garden become overgrown.  The trees were approximately 20 years old.  They had grown to a height of 10m  with a  width 5m. The Conifer trees were beginning to dominate the space in the garden.  The customer requested the complete removal of the trees to achieve a lower maintenance garden and to create more natural light. Conifer hedges require annual light to moderate trimming in Spring to prevent hedges becoming out of hand.  Heavy pruning does not create a good aesthetic result as it exposes the inner leaves with are brown.   Unfortunately,  once become overgrown require removal Conifers also create acidic and dry soil, such soil makes it difficult to grow other plants in close proximity to the conifers.  This Acid soil also affects soil quality preventing healthy lawn growth. Hands-on Tree Care […]


Evergreen Trees Removed Safely

Evergreen Hedge Trimming

Hands on Tree Care  had a busy Autumn, we had to get the evergreen trees removed. Hands on Tree Care were called to Chesterfield to dismantle some Leylandii and Lawson’s Cypress trees. The trees were situated in the rear garden and needed to be removed to allow more light into the garden. After the trees were cut down, all the logs were stacked and cut to size for the customer to use on their wood burning stove. Typically logs would need 12-18 months seasoning so they have a proper chance to dry out. Ideal moisture content for hard or soft wood logs for stove burning is 20% or under. This ensures excessive tar does not form in chimneys and sufficient heat is produced from fire to warm rooms. Get Evergreen Trees Removed If you need assistance managing overgrown evergreen trees, get in touch with us today! Want to see more?


Overgrown Conifer Hedge – Pruned.

Overgrown Hedge needs trimming

We were called out to a house in Chesterfield to look at a very overgrown Conifer hedge. The Hedge had grown up to a height of approximately 12 meters in height and 75 meters long. The hedge was mature and would have taken around 15-20 years to reach this height. Annual pruning would have prevented this level of overgrowth. We were asked to reduce hedge as our customer’s neighbours had recently had solar panels fitted to their roof and were unable to get any benefit due to shade caused by an overgrown hedge. Hands on Tree Care use a sectional dismantling technique to reduce the height of the hedge. Once we had trimmed the hedge to the desired height, cut the trunks into logs and removed all the cut branches. Best time to Prune an Overgrown Conifer Hedge Conifers hedges should be cut Spring/Summer to prevent frost damage which can cause […]


35 ft Eucalyptus Tree Dismantled – Cuthorpe

Eucalyptus Tree Cut Down

Eucalyptus Tree Dismantled: April 2014 We were called out to dismantle a large Eucalyptus Tree. The Eucalyptus was approximately 10 years old, and the customer was concerned that the tree had become too large. Customers often do not realise just how didn’t realise how fast-growing some species are. Large Eucalyptus Tree?- No Problem for Hands on Tree Care. Tree Felling in Tight Spaces This job was another tricky one in terms of logistics. There were lots of garden obstacles to negotiate, such as a pond, a shed, greenhouse and patio, therefore this job required precision felling. Protect Ponds from Leaf Matter Ponds require special attention when felling trees because falling leaf matter can often cause changes in water Ph and certain species of tree can cause poisoning to fish. As a precaution, ponds are always covered during tree cutting, to prevent damage to the wildlife or pet fish. Remove overgrown […]


3 Conifers Felled in Clay Cross

Tree Felling Chesterfield

3 Conifers Felled in Clay Cross – April 2014. We were contacted by a homeowner, who needed us to look at three Conifers, all required felling. The Trees were approximately 25 feet tall, and growing in close proximity to shed and fence. Access to the trees and was difficult access as it was a long way to drag cut branches through the back garden and up some steps to the front of the property where we had our chipper. Felling Trees lets light flood into your Garden Now that the trees are felled this will allow more light to get to a prized Sorbus Tree, which was growing in close proximity. The extra light will benefit the Sorbus, resulting in more balanced growth and a healthier specimen. Felling Trees Can Improve Soil Quality Soil quality will also improve with removal of conifers. This is because Conifers create acidic soil conditions, […]


Conifer Crown Reduction For Sheffield Care Home

Crown Reduction for Conifer

Hands on Tree Care were called to a Sheffield Care home to manage some conifer trees that had gotten out of control. Crown Reduction for Leylandii Firstly, there was a large Conifer in the front garden. The Conifer was a Leylandii tree and it was blocking the light from the property. This made the house dark during the day.  The Tree needed a Crown Reduction. By trimming the tree we allowed more light into the house, which also made the front rooms warmer. Leylandii trees can grow to enormous heights with very thick trunks.  It’s always best to manage them before they become too much of a problem and have to be cut down completely. This tree had a lot of low foliage which was beginning to grow across access to the property.  The low foliage was also tidied up, to make the driveway look more inviting. Managing Conifers Brings Benefits Another benefit […]