Spruce Tree Cut Down in Worksop

Spruce Tree cut down in Worksop: Hands on Tree Care
Hands on Tree Care  We were called out to dismantle a large Spruce tree in Worksop, due to its roots lifting the tarmac on the driveway.

The Spruce tree was approximately 70ft tall and around 50 yrs old. As usual, when cutting down trees in a residential area we use a sectional dismantling technique. Sectional dismantling is the method of cutting down a tree in carefully managed sections. We climb the tree using a rope and harness and then dismantled in sections.

This Spruce Tree took around 4 hours to fully dismantle and tidy away.

Spruce Tree Cut Down

After the spruce tree was cut down to a safe and manageable level, we then cut the trunk into smaller sections.

Logs For The Customer

Often when we have a single tree to fell, the customer will request that we provide some of the logs for their own personal use. This something that we are happy to do.  All the smaller branches are shredded using out mobile chipper. This makes short work of branches and twigs, and what’s more, it’s a great way to reuse the materials.

The woodchip created by the chipper is bagged up and used for borders and garden paths.  It also makes a great weed suppressant mulch.

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