Ash Tree Removal – Nottingham

Ash Tree Removal – Nottingham – Tony Hands August 2017

We were called out to quote for an Ash tree removal in Nottingham.   Upon examination, it was obvious to us that the Ash tree, which was situated in the back garden of the property was growing too close to outbuildings.  The roots of the Ash tree had started to affect the foundations of the buildings.  This had caused subsidence and damage to the roof tiles on the outhouse.

ash tree removal
Ash Tree causing damage to outbuildings.

In addition to the problem caused by the tree roots, the canopy had become overgrown and was blocking the light from the garden.  Too much shade caused by overhanging trees can reduce plant growth and encourage damp conditions, not to mention mossy lawns.

Ash Tree Blocking Light From Garden
This Tree was blocking light from the garden.


How Do You Remove An Ash Tree?

Removing a Tree is a standard procedure for us here at Hands on Tree Care.  The Ash Tree was approximately 15meters tall and the customer requested complete removal.    Using our favoured method of sectional dismantling, we cut the tree down in sections. This method is the best way to remove a tree when it is growing close to buildings.

Sectional dismantling
Cutting the Ash tree down in sections.
Ash Tree Removed in Nottingham
After felling we removed the logs, branches and sawdust.

How Long Does It Take To Remove An Ash Tree?

This particular job was fairly straightforward. we had it quickly cut down and removed with the day. After cutting the Ash tree down, we tidied away all the logs, branches and leaves and tidied the garden of tree debris and sawdust.

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