Tree Felling & Removal

If you need a tree felling or removed in the Sheffield  / Chesterfield area, then contact Hands on Tree Care.  We are expert tree surgeons and undertake all tree felling and removal.

Sometimes trees grow beyond the scope of pruning and require complete removal.  This process is often undertaken when a tree is growing too close to a property causing subsidence, is heavily diseased or is blocking light from windows or gardens. Felling is only carried out when safe and appropriate to do so. In residential areas, it is often more appropriate to fell a tree by sectional dismantling.

Tree Felling by Dismantling

Tree felling
Trees Cut down by dismantling

There are times when we can’t just let a tree fall. We have to cut it down in sections. This type of tree felling is called Sectional dismantling. Using ropes, we secure ourselves to the tree and cut down sections of the tree, piece by piece.

Trees Cut down by dismantling
Trees Cut down by dismantling

Hands on Tree Care will determine which process is the most appropriate. Our Tree Surgeons are expert climbers, who will handle the job safely and efficiently.

Once the tree has been safely cut down, we shred and chip all the branches, and remove unwanted logs from your property.

Felling large trees is the nature of our work and customers can be assured that every task is carried out with the utmost regard to safety.

Tree cutting is by its nature potentially dangerous work but through training, safe climbing practices and our extensive experience, Hands on Tree Care can ensure safe completion of works.

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