Trees Pollarded – Student Property in Broomhall

Hands on Tree Care were called out to look at some trees that needed pollarding at Sheffield student properties Broomhall Area S10.  This was a large job requiring an application to prune trees in the conservation area.

We had to liaise with Sheffield City Council, as the process of application and permission usually takes 6 weeks. Hands on Tree Care held a site meeting held with the council’s tree officer to address the concerns of the local residents’ committee.

Pollarding Lime Trees in Sheffield

Permission to Have Trees Pollarded

Permission was granted to get the trees pollarded as well as cutting a Sycamore which bordered the complex of student accommodation.

Pollarding the trees to previous growth points resulted in Lime Trees being reduced in height from approximately 70ft to 10ft. This had a dramatic effect in increasing the amount of light reaching the grounds and windows of the residents.

A large Chestnut Tree also had to be removed on site, as it was leaning at approximately 45% over communal parking area, posing a risk to vehicles parked underneath. Whenever we remove a tree, we always take the utmost care to ensure that both people and property are protected from falling branches.

Broomhall can be an extremely busy part of suburban Sheffield because of its high numbers of students. We cordoned off the entire area to ensure that nobody could walk into the area that we were pruning and removing the trees.

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