Re-pollarding a tree in Chesterfield

Re-pollarding a tree is a job that only happens every few years. Re-pollarding is a type of pruning which removes unwanted new growth after the initial pollarding a few years earlier.

Once a tree has been pollarded the growth seems to take a long time to reappear.  However, once the new shoots do come through the tree will quickly regain much of its foliage quickly.  This Poplar tree in Chesterfield, Derbyshire is a good example of a tree that is under regular management.

re-pollarding a poplar tree

The tree had been pruned back a few years earlier and due to good health and plenty of Sun in the summer of 2018, it had grown back significantly.

This particular tree was under a preservation order (TPO) therefore an application had to be made to the local council.  Applications typically take 6 weeks before permission to work is granted.

The Poplar Tree is approximately 90 feet tall,  and all works were completed in 2 hours. The tree is located in the customers front garden and had been blocking light to the house and garden.  Our expert tree surgeons climbed the tree using ropes and a harness and removed the new growth back the main branches.

Hands on Tree Care recommend a regular schedule of works to prevent trees from becoming overgrown. Poplars should be pollarded when a tree is dormant, usually somewhere between October and March.

pollarded tree
Poplar Tree after Pruning

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