Several Trees Removed – Darley Dale

We removed several trees in Darley Dale, near Matlock.  The homeowner knew of our services and had opted to contact Hands on Tree Care based on positive reviews he’d read.

Cherry Tree Cut Down

When we arrived at the property there was an old Cherry tree on the boundary. The Cherry tree was diseased, the owner told us that it had been dropping dead branches and he was concerned that one might fall on a passerby.  This tree was to be completely removed.

cherry tree cut down
Final stages of the Cherry tree removal.

Smaller Nuisance Trees Removed

As well as the Goat willow, there were several other smaller trees that needed attending to.  Firstly, an Ash tree of about 20 years old. This also needed removing, along with a small Stag Tree.  These trees were unwanted and had grown up like weeds when the property was under previous ownership.  Other examples of these nuisance trees were growing in the garden but were being well managed by the homeowner. The Ash tree and the Stag Tree had become too big to be easily removed without experience.

Pussy Willow Tree Pruned

Trees removed
Goat Willow tree being pruned (Pollarded)

There was also a Goat Willow (Pussy Willow) which needed pruning. The branches of the Goat Willow tree had been pollarded about 6-7 years before and the new growth had become unruly, blocking out garden light, growing over the boundaries and touching overhead phone lines. Again, the owner was concerned that in high winds the tree might damage the phone lines and leave his neighbours without telephony and Internet services.

pollarding goat willow

Once the trees were all cut down, Tony and Dave cut the larger logs into a manageable size, as the homeowner wanted to keep some for his log burner. Quite a few passing cars came by and asked if they could have some of the logs too. All the branches and twigs were put through the shredder to make wood chip.

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