Ash Trees Felled For Improved Drainage

In early December of 2013, Hands on Tree Care were called to help  local farmer clear Ash trees from an irrigation ditch at Barlow, Nr Dronfield .

Trees Felled Around Drainage Ditch

His field was becoming waterlogged and he needed to gain access to an overgrown and neglected drainage ditch. The access to the ditch had become choked up with small Ash trees that had grown up in the years of neglect.

hands on tree care- trees felled in Sheffield
Ash Trees felled to clear the drainage ditch

Young Ash Trees felled to clear the drainage ditch

We brought in the Chainsaws and loppers and set to work removing the trees from around the ditch. Multiple Ash trees were felled to ground level to allow sufficient access for mini digger.

Once the Farmer had access he got to work clearing out the ditch to allow for a better run-off in the field.