Sycamore Tree Removed

Sycamore Tree Removed
Sycamore Tree Cut down
We were called out to a job in Sheffield recently. A sycamore tree had been left to grow, where the seed had fallen.

Over time the Sycamore tree had grown large and was beginning to push up the concrete flags in the garden and push against the boundary wall of the garden.  This could lead to the wall becoming unsafe, and the tree roots getting underneath the buildings.

Dismantled Sycamore Tree

Sycamore Tree Removed
We dismantled the  Sycamore using sectional dismantling. There was no way to fell the tree in a traditional manner.  The job had rather difficult access as you can see.

Removing Tree Branches
The Tree we removed had an approximate height of about 15 meters.  Hands on Tree Care used a safe and controlled lowering of the timber in sections, to prevent damage to any structures.

Need a Sycamore Tree Removed?

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