Poplar Trees Reduced in Height

Poplar Trees Reduced in Height: Hands on Tree Care.

Hands on Tree Care were called to Chesterfield to reduce the height of several Poplar trees. The trees were approx 100ft to 40ft tall, and growing in a private garden. The Householder was concerned that the trees had become too tall. Recent high winds had swayed the trees, and the householder was concerned that they may cause damage to either their property or to their neighbours’ property.

Trees make a natural boundary. Tree roots can disturb the ground, fences, patios and buildings on the neighbouring land.

Overgrown Poplar Trees

Pruning Overgrown Poplar Trees

Poplars can be hard pruned and will grow back quickly, they are a very fast growing species. We always look at each job individually to decide what is the best way to prune or fell a tree.  In this case, we used a sectional dismantling technique to reduce the height of the trees, bringing them down to a nice safe height.

Cutting Overgrown Poplar Trees

After we had completed the pruning job, we left the logs for the customer, all stacked neatly.

Poplars Pruned by Hands on Tree Care
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