Silver Birch Pruned in Wingerworth Chesterfield

Silver Birch Pruned in Wingerworth Chesterfield: Hands on Tree Care.

We were called out Wingerworth in Chesterfield to look at a Silver Birch Tree.  The tree was about 60 years old and 70ft tall.
The homeowners asked us to prune the tree. The Tree was blocking light from the garden. This beautiful tree, it just needed  thinning out, so that it would let more light through to the garden.

Silver Birch Tree in Chesterifield

Why Prune a Tree

Improve the health of your garden by pruning trees. Allow more light and wind into the garden. This gives plants more light and strengthens their stems.

We pruned the tree using crown reduction. That means that we thinned the top of the tree branches out. This allows more light into the garden and allows the tree to regrow.

We Pruned this Silver Birch in Wingerworth, Chesterfield

If you have a Silver Birch that needs attention, call Hands on Tree Care.
The best time to prune is between late October to March