Leaning Poplar Tree Felled Chesterfield

Leaning Poplar Tree Felled Chesterfield.

Do you need a Tree Felled in Chesterfield?  We were recently called out by a local farmer who needed a Poplar tree felled.  The Tree had developed a  lean toward a neighbouring property.  The neighbours had raised concerns about the safety of the tree due to dropped branches after windy weather.

Poplar Tree Felled
Leaning Poplar Tree Dismantled

The landowner decided to get the tree felled because it had become too large for the location and posed risk of instability in high winds.

We cut wind damaged trees down
Poplar Tree Cut

We decided the safest way to get the tree felled was to rope up to the top of the tree and cut from the top using a method known as ‘sectional dismantling‘.


Tree Felled Chesterfield
Tony Hands dismantling the poplar Tree

Logs From Your felled Tree

When you get a tree felled by sectional dismantling, you can be sure that we are minimising the risk of danger to people and property below the tree. Large parts of the trunk and Bows are removed in sections and lowered safely to the ground. After that other sections of branches are cut away and the tree’s height is lowered gradually.

Once the whole tree or trees are cut, we can then cut up the logs into manageable sections to be taken away. Alternatively, you might want to keep the logs to use on your fire or in your wood burning stove. Remember to dry them properly for around a year before you burn them.

We always tidy up
One thing that you can be certain of is that here at Hands on Tree Care, we pride ourselves on leaving your property neat and tidy. We always clear up small branches and sawdust. Past customers often comment on our cleanup work.

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