3 Conifers Felled in Clay Cross

Tree Felling Chesterfield
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3 Conifers Felled in Clay Cross – April 2014.

We were contacted by a homeowner, who needed us to look at three Conifers, all required felling. The Trees were approximately 25 feet tall, and growing in close proximity to shed and fence.

Access to the trees and was difficult access as it was a long way to drag cut branches through the back garden and up some steps to the front of the property where we had our chipper.

Felling Trees lets light flood into your Garden

Now that the trees are felled this will allow more light to get to a prized Sorbus Tree, which was growing in close proximity.

The extra light will benefit the Sorbus, resulting in more balanced growth and a healthier specimen.

Felling Trees Can Improve Soil Quality

Soil quality will also improve with removal of conifers. This is because Conifers create acidic soil conditions, which many species are intolerant to. Conifer roots also cause desiccation of soil, which can lead to deterioration in the health of lawn turf.

Call Hands on Tree Care for Tree Felling.

Hands on Tree Care think Safety First

Hands on Tree Care always assess each job with health and safety in mind. It is important to ensure that both people and property are protected when felling trees.

We climbed the Tree using spikes, we only use these when a tree is to be felled, as they cause bark damage during use. Rope and harness were used to strip branches out first,  then we removed the main limbs in sections. Finally, we brought up all the cut branches, to the chipper before cleaning the yard.