Derbyshire Trusted Trader – Tree Surgeon

Derbyshire Trusted Trader – Tree Surgeon

Hands on Tree Care were called out to Storrs Road, Chesterfield last  October.  The job was to cut down a 40 foot tall Lodge Pole Pine Tree.

Tree Felling is one of our specialities.

Derbyshire Trusted Trader – Tree Surgeon

The customer found us by using the Derbyshire Trusted Trader Program.

Hands on Tree Care – Derbyshire Trusted Trader

They had become worried because the tree had been leaning over the neighbouring garden. Our customer was concerned that the tree could continue of lean and eventually fall over.

Trusted Trader: Tree Surgeon
Trusted Trader: Tree Surgeon

Excessive leaning like this tends to happen when the root ball of a tree becomes saturated in waterlogged ground caused by heavy rainfall.  The tree’s roots have nothing solid to hold onto and starts to slip.

After felling the tree all branches had to be dragged through the garage as access to the property was limited.

We cut the tree in sections, lowering the pieces of branch and trunk safely onto a bed of brash (Tree clippings) to prevent damage to pea gravel and paving.  We used a large tarpaulin to keep work site tidy and to keep sawdust out of pea gravel.

After we had completed the job, the customer wanted to keep the logs for his wood burning stove.

Pine tree Felled and dismantled.
Dismantled Pine Tree.

The logs were sawn to the right size for the customer at no extra cost. It took us one day to complete the work. The site was left nice and tidy. We like to leave our customers happy.

Reviews from the Derbyshire Trader Website.

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“From initially telephoning Tony, he came to give a quotation the next evening. The tree was removed, all taken away and the area left immaculately tidy. He was very pleasant and polite and did an amazing job. I would recommend him most highly.”

“Tony came on time and did an excellent job cutting down the tree. Was very pleasant and courteous. Highly recommended.”

“Excellent work, the team were polite friendly and tidied up after themselves so you would hardly know they had been except that now I have light flooding my garden now that the trees are gone. Would heartily recommend them.”

Derbyshire Trusted Trader- Tree surgeon
Hands on Tree Care are Trusted Traders.