35 ft Eucalyptus Tree Dismantled – Cuthorpe

Eucalyptus Tree Dismantled: April 2014

We were called out to dismantle a large Eucalyptus Tree. The Eucalyptus was approximately 10 years old, and the customer was concerned that the tree had become too large. Customers often do not realise just how didn’t realise how fast-growing some species are.

Eucalyptus Tree Cut Down
Eucalyptus Tree Removed

Large Eucalyptus Tree?- No Problem for Hands on Tree Care.

Tree Felling in Tight Spaces

This job was another tricky one in terms of logistics. There were lots of garden obstacles to negotiate, such as a pond, a shed, greenhouse and patio, therefore this job required precision felling.

Protect Ponds from Leaf Matter

Ponds require special attention when felling trees because falling leaf matter can often cause changes in water Ph and certain species of tree can cause poisoning to fish. As a precaution, ponds are always covered during tree cutting, to prevent damage to the wildlife or pet fish.

Remove overgrown Trees To help Smaller Trees Grow

Now that the Eucalyptus has been removed, the Ash tree behind, which was very ‘one-sided’ due to being in the constant shade, will begin to recover and develop more balanced growth.

Hands on Tree Care Protect you & your Garden Property

Garden ornaments are always cleared from the work area before cutting commences. No permissions were required from the local council in this instance, prior checks revealed no tree preservation orders, and the tree was not within a conservation area. Hands on Tree Care will help you check these vital details, to ensure that tree work is within the law.

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