Conifers Removed in Chesterfield

Conifers Hedge Removed in Chesterfield: Tony Hands 2017

Conifers Removed in Chesterfield

Conifer Trees Removed
Conifer Trees Removed

6x large Conifers in a Chesterfield garden become overgrown.  The trees were approximately 20years old.  They had grown to a height of 10m  with a  width 5m. The Conifer trees were beginning to dominate the space in the garden.  The customer requested the complete removal of the trees to achieve a lower maintenance garden and to create more natural light.

Conifer hedges require annual light to moderate trimming in Spring to prevent hedges becoming out of hand.  Heavy pruning does not create a good aesthetic result as it exposes the inner leaves with are brown.   Unfortunately,  once become overgrown require removal

Conifers also create acidic and dry soil, such soil makes it difficult to grow other plants in close proximity to the conifers.  This Acid soil also affects soil quality preventing healthy lawn growth.

conifers removed in chesterfield
Conifer Hedge Removed

Hands on Tree Care are experienced at cutting and removing all types of conifer trees, such as Pines, to Spruce and Leylandii. We always take the utmost care when removing the trees.  Assessing the best way to cut the trees down.  Afterwards, we consult with the customer to see if they require us to remove the logs.  We always tidy up all cut branches and smaller cuttings left from the chainsaw.


Conifers Removed Chesterfield

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