Leylandii Trees Cut Down

Leylandii Trees Removed – Chesterfield, domestic residence

Leylandii Trees Pruned or removed

We can manage Leylandii TreesEarlier this month we were called out to a house in Chesterfield. They had large Leylandii trees that were touching the house.  The problem with having such a large tree close to your house is that they can potentially cause damage to the foundations and roof tiles.

We can cut down or prune overgrown evergreen trees

Large Leylandii Trees can cause problems by shading neighbouring gardens

Hands on tree Care dismantled the trees to ground level, The trees were approximately 30ft in height. The trees were then cut up. The branches and foliage were chipped up and timber cut into logs for the customer.

We will dismantle Conifer trees of any size

So if you need Leylandii Trees Cut Down then call Hands on Tree Care. Call the experts in.

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