Tree Dismantling in Chesterfield

Monday 3rd June & Tues 4th  – Chesterfield.

Dismantling Poplar Trees

It’s already been a pretty busy month for Hands on Tree Care. Early on in the month, we were called out to look at a Tree dismantling job.  We had to cut 4 poplar trees.  The trees had an approximate height of 90ft and they needed to be dismantled for domestic subsidence claim.  All the timber had to be lowered off in sections as the trees were close to the road and overhanging a  garage.

I climbed the trees using rope and harness and spikes on my boots which provide extra trip when working at heights.

Dismantling the Tree in Sections

Silver Birch – Sectional Tree Dismantling in Chesterfield

Next was the removal of a 60 ft dead Silver Birch Tree in Chesterfield.  The Tree was overhanging the road and also some of the other trees in the garden.  Again I climbed the tree using ropes, harness and spikes.  Once I reached a suitable height, I began carefully dismantling the trees without causing any damage to the tree.

Dismantling a Dead Silver Birch Tree. Silver Birch Dismantling Silver Birch logs after tree dismantling

After all the tree branches have been cut and dismantled, they are cut into smaller manageable sections and removed. All smaller branches and cuttings are collected up and shredded as part of our eco-friendly approach to tree care.  If you have trees that need dismantling, don’t hesitate to contact Hands on Tree Care today.