Pollarding Trees – Sheffield

Pollarding Trees – Sheffield

Pollarding Lime Trees in SheffieldHands on Tree Care were called out to a job in Cinderhill Sheffield.  Belvoir Lettings had a property with trees that had become overgrown.   Firstly we had to tackle a large Willow Tree that had grown too large and too close to the house.

Pollarding the Willow Tree

Pollarding is a way Tree Surgeons prune trees whereby the upper branches of a tree are removed. This encourages a dense head of new foliage and branches. Pollarding is mainly practised to maintain trees at a set, prefered height.

Will Pollarding Damage the trees?

Pollarding can look harsh, but the trees will grow back strong, forming a densely packed canopy. These growth points are more manageable, and still attractive without shading and overbearing houses and small gardens. If done correctly pollarding will prolong the life of the tree, as it is maintained in a juvenile state. It’s branches do not become as mature and heavy as those left to grow naturally, and therefore are less prone to wind damage.

Hands on Tree Care Know how to Pollard

We have been pollarding trees across Sheffield for many years now, so this one was not a major problem. After carrying out our safety checks. We made sure that the garden was secure before starting work. Falling branches and boughs can be heavy and potentially lethal, so we always take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of residents and the general public.

After rigging up our harness system, Tony got to work cutting the Willow Tree. After hoisting himself high into the upper boughs of the tree, Tony systematically begins cutting the branches until the tree is pollarded to a suitable height.

A well pollarded tree is good for the environment too, because the extra light that can hit the base of the tree encourages low growth of bushy branches which is great news for small birds and garden wildlife.

Hands on Tree Care Pollard a Willow Tree in Sheffield – Video.