Tree Surgery FAQ

Tree Preservation Orders & Conservation Areas?

Yes, we can still perform tree surgery in areas with TPO’s.

This type of legislation protects individual trees and conservation areas. Our Tree Surgeons will liaise with local councils and make the application on a customer’s behalf and work is duly carried out in line with their specification.

Can Trees be pruned at any time of year?

Yes, with most species but there are exceptions which we are able to advise. It’s best to contact us to give us some details about the tree. Consideration for nesting birds sometimes requires work to be deferred.

Are You Fully Insured for Tree Surgery?

Yes, Hands on Tree Care offer a high level of public liability insurance of £5000,000 for customers peace of mind. We abide by strict health and safety regulations at all times.  We wear personal protective equipment to approved methods of work and safe climbing practices. Each Tree Surgery job is assessed before work starts for any hazard and additional safety precautions will be put in place as required, for example, traffic management, if necessary.

Will Tree Surgery Make A Mess & Damage My Property?

Providing a professional Tree Care service is central to our work ethos and site tidy up is integral to this. Your property will be left in the same manner as it was found. We make every effort to minimise any impact on the work area, all waste is removed with utmost care to surrounding plants, outbuildings and neighbouring properties.

I Have An Overhanging Tree, What Should I Do?

Trees growing in close proximity to buildings can pose risks in terms of subsidence or damage from limbs breaking off in high winds. The Tree may need pruning or in some cases, felling. If you are concerned regarding a tree we are able to attend on-site and provide free risk assessments.