Logs for Sale

Logs for Sale - ChesterfieldHands on Tree Care have logs for sale in Chesterfield and Surrounding Areas.

Our log loads are 3 Cubic Metres for £120 for unseasoned
*Seasoned logs can be provided on request at a cost of £180 per load.

Three cubic metres equates to (or 3 JCB bucket loads) is per van load.

Hardwood Logs For Sale

We supply Hardwood logs from the following trees: Oak, Ash, Sycamore and Hawthorne

Softwood Logs For Sale

We also have a selection of softwood logs from the following trees: Larch, Pine, Spruce

Log Delivery time

Be sure to get ahead of the rush. Book your logs by calling us. From the time of your enquiry, we can deliver your log load within 2 weeks.

Logs Delivered in and Around Chesterfield

Areas catered for within 15 miles of Chesterfield but we can deliver further for an agreed additional fuel fee.

Hands on Tree Care have logs for sale.

Storing your Logs

Logs should be stored outside in a well-ventilated shed, ideally with direct sunlight to aid seasoning. *Unseasoned logs both hard and softwoods need to be left to season for at least 12 months.