What is Dutch Elm Disease?

Elm bark beetle

Dutch Elm Disease or  (DED) is a serious disease of elm trees which is caused by the fungus Ophiostoma novo-ulmi. It is a type of disease known as a vascular wilt because the fungus blocks the vascular (water transport) system, causing the branches to wilt and die. It is spread by elm bark beetles. You will normally begin to notice the damage in summer and early autumn. Symptoms of Dutch Elm Disease During the summer months, all or part of the em trees foliage suddenly turns yellow, then wilts shrivels and dies. To check, Peel off the bark from the affected branches and you will see brown streaks in the outer wood, which appear as a broken or continuous brown ring in the outer growth ring if the branch is cut across Dutch elm disease has over the years ravaged the Word’ Elm tree population.  There are in fact only […]